Apple Inc.: The Case Study Of Apple Inc.

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My research this week focuses on the case study of Apple Inc., and the strategic development of a multibillion-dollar organization, (Paroutis, Heracleous, & Angwin, 2013). Owner and co-founder Steve Jobs was instrumental in taking a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy and make it into a thriving billion-dollar company. Steve Jobs was a leader who was not only innovative but also a perfectionist. His passion for Apple was unsurpassed, which was reflected in his dedication and remarkable intuition. He could easily be described as unpredictable in nature and somewhat course in instruction, but all that knew him agreed that he had a keen ability to think outside the box. When Steve Jobs was forced to resign due to his uncontrollable …show more content…
This was truly ironic, by seeking help from the man that was forced to resign 12 years ago. This turned out to be the best move Apple made. Steve Jobs was rehired as the new CEO and worked diligently for the next 30 months to bring Apple back to greatness, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). At his first big meeting with the board of directors Steve Jobs showed up wearing a pair of shorts and tennis shoes, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). I found this as a true testament of who Steve Jobs really was. He was the kind of person that did not waste time worrying about what other people thought of him, he was there to identify the problem and fix it, the smoke and mirrors were not a part of his repertoire. He could easily be described as a colorful character and at the same time envied for his ability to thing outside of the box. It was at that point that Apple really took off; their innovation and marketing skills were impeccable to say the least, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). New products were entering the main stream every four months establishing Apple as the most technologically advanced computer based company in the world, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). The development of the iPad was a major breakthrough for Apple, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). According to the authors, the iPad was challenged by Amazon’s Kindle fire, which also received excellent success, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). Amazon’s Kindle fire was cheaper in price but lacked all of the additional features of the iPad, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). The computer and software market was literally on fire, Google engaged in this epic market battle with a new browser and the highly anticipated Android, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). One of many key contributors to Apples success is the ability to merge their hardware with operating systems. They designed and developed their own

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