Apple : Company For Final Project Information Technology Strategic Plan

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I selected Apple as my company for final project Information technology strategic plan (ITSP), in first milestone, I will give the brief overview about the company’s organizational structure, which is developed for Apple based on the IT values, vision and mission statement.

Structure and Organization:
Apple is an American based multinational company which manufactures electronic devices, software products for the consumers. IPad, IPod, IPhone, Mac books and Macintosh computers are the products manufacture by Apple. ITunes, OS X operating systems are the software’s which are included in products list of Apple. More than 200 retail stores in across 85 countries and a website are being run by Apple for selling their products (Santiago, 2009).

Number of employees: On 1st April 1976, it was established into Cupertino in California and later on 3rd January 1977, it was integrated and called as Apple Computer Inc. Then after 30 years, on 7th January 2007, the word “computer” was removed from its name as to reflect its other consumer electronics in market. More than 35 thousand employees across the globe work for Apple and annual sales are around US $ 30 billion into year September 2008 (Santiago,2009).

Organizational decision-making structure: During the times of Steve Jobs, the organizational structure of Apple is much more focused on its style of leadership in the market. It is really good for having this kind of organizational structure. Steve Jobs always inspires his…

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