Apple Co. Research Paper

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Abstract If one is searching for the most dependable, durable, innovative and newest technology in the world, Apple products usually come to mind. Apple is one of the top producers of portable music devices, smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, networking devices and much more. There are over a hundred retail stores nationwide and they also have stores abroad in Canada, Japan and the UK. The company was founded in 1976 and the logo was developed shortly after. It is the famous apple with a bite taken out which was meant to emphasize the idea that the Apple was a company built on fresh ideas. Apple still stands strong today and remains one of the most recognized producers of new, innovative electronics. The purpose of our …show more content…
We each came up with a list of about ten to fifteen questions. After thoroughly reviewing the importance of every single question, we narrowed down our list and selected only those questions that would be beneficial to our research. After selecting the questions, we decided which order we would like those questions to appear on the survey. We believe that the prices paid for Apple are worth the quality and customer service received.
The next step in conducting our survey was to hand out the surveys. After the surveys were printed, we all went our separate ways to obtain information for our research. – teacher’s wants us to take this out…
After deciding what questions to create we needed information from a diverse group of people so we handed out surveys at school to our classmates and teachers, at work to our coworkers, and at home to our family and friends. When selecting participants to take part in taking our survey, we took into consideration many factors. With this being such an important part in conducting our survey, our group wanted to make sure we chose people that had actually used or bought Apple products. Accomplishing that would produce reliable and useable data. Of course there is always error when conducting an experiment, however it was important that we did not survey a large amount of people who had never

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