Appendicitis Essay

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Many in medicine have found that they love the blood and gore of surgery and dream of someday running an emergency situation in which involves an immediate surgery. Acute appendicitis is the most common surgical abdominal emergency. Delayed treatment increases the incidence of complications. The aim of this study was to investigate the presentation, incidence, and predictors of complications, and histological findings in adult patients with clinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

This paper will discuss adult patients to include patients aged 12 years and older diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Data collected included demographic data, clinical presentation, duration of symptoms and reasons for presentation delay, diagnostic
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One study found that the mean duration of illness prior to seeking medical attention was 3.7 days, while another, at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital, found delays of 3.5 days in presentation. Importantly, one study confirms a statistically significant difference in patients with uncomplicated and complicated appendicitis after two days of symptoms (P <0.001). Indeed, some finding is in agreement with various studies showing that the rate of complicated appendicitis increased two days after onset of symptoms.

A present study included all the standard different investigations required in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis cases. It was found that the inflammatory marker, CRP, sensate has been discovered that the CRP sensitivity to be 93% and the specificity 86%, while the total leukocyte count had a NPV of 50% and CRP had a NPV of 50%. Bearing in mind that ultrasound is operator-dependent, it has found sensitivity to be 60%, specificity 66%, PPV 86.9%, and NPV 31%. In contrast, one physician has found an ultrasound sensitivity of 84.8% and a specificity of 83.3%, with a PPV and a NPV of 93.3% and 66.7%, respectively. In general, ultrasound seems to have better PPV than NVP. The first study shows, as many previous studies have shown, that CT scanning is the best method of investigation to confirm or to invalidate the diagnosis of appendicitis.

The first study shows that 63% of patients presented with delays,

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