Apollo's First Winter

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A lot colder than the Greek people had originally expected, they experienced their first ever winter. Icy, and frostbitten, the freezing wind lashed at their faces and hands, which they were definitely not used to, or were they expecting it.Khione didn’t think that the first winter would turn out like this, she thought that the people would be happy for a break from Apollo’s never ending summer.

As Khione watched she saw Apollo turning it into the heart warming heat of summer. The people, and everyone else in the world, were relieved to be brought on by the warmth. Now it is summertime in the country of Greece, and Apollo, with Khione, have lived in perfect harmony ever since the big battle; it has been peaceful.

Many moons ago, there was
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Zeus saw this and told Apollo about Khione and her icy powers, after he was told, Apollo went up to Khione and said to her, “There is no need for your power in this world.
Khione becomes very offended by him and continues to make it snow throughout Greece. This then starts the battle between Apollo and Khione; sun versus snow.

Soon, Khione has had enough of Apollo’s insults, and tries to talk some sense into Zeus about the insults against the cold season’s goddess.When Zeus doesn’t pay any attention to what Kihone says about Apollo, She decides to take action into her own hands.
When she approaches Apollo, he doesn’t listen to her, and just dismisses everything she says, and when he briefly listens, he complains about how dreadfully wrong all of her statements were.

Khione was infuriated at Apollo. All she wanted to do was give the world a break from the constant summer, and Apollo was trying to punish her for it. She was simply helping, but he didn’t seem to think so. She thought to herself, This is so childish of him! I was only trying to relieve the mortals, and he was acting like a little kid about it! ARGH it makes me furious! Kihone had steam pouring out of her ears, she was so

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