Apocalypstick Essay

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Color usually appear as a surface of the object ,in the other hand color act as a coat or device for the object to disguise itself ,so the true story is hidden inside the manipulative surface . Conceivably ,color is a powerful tool that can cause a loss of consciousness , delusion and a loss of mind ,even though color has massive power to manipulate the truth of the object within ,but it does not always dominate everyone’s mind.

There are many ways to fall into color. Begin with ,Cosmetic color. Cosmetic color is less disastrous kind but in the same time is also dangerous kind. Even though cosmetic color has appealing appearance to seduce us but in the end this kind of color often end up in a Fall. Cosmetic
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Plato claim that color of rhetoric was false and artificial , immortal and unnatural.

The strong evidence of these accuses that claim that color is seductive , distorting the truth and eventually leading to a Somruthaifall of disaster is from Des Essientes’s study of flowers. At first he compare flowers and their color as precious stones and he believed that flowers are of nature rather than against it. He began his research by classifying flowers in term of social class. During his research he became obsess with those artificial color and got lost with animal’s color. In the end he becomes exhausted by those dazzling colors and flowers eventually transform into a woman. He states that “ it all comes down to syphilis in the end. Within days, most of the flowers are dying or dead." Des Essientes is caught in the spell of color. And he found out that without color there is no life because color is a kind of corruption that bring disease and death without these aspects life cannot be completed.

All painting is cosmetic. One of the interesting painting is Andy Warhol’s painting. All of his work , color is very artificial; it could be rubbed off and washed away but sometime colors were intended to be wash away by himself. Distinction of form and color is arbitrary. Warhol’s

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