Ap World History Form IIi : Julius Caesar Essay

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Brendan Grau
AP World History Form III
Julius Caesar Research Paper
On a cold January night in the year 49 B.C.E Julius Caesar ordered some of his soldiers to don civilian clothing and carry concealed weapons to the city of Ariminum. He then attended a banquet he had planned that afternoon. After having dinner with friends he excused himself and made his way by carriage to the banks of the Rubicon River. After arriving at the Rubicon, a small river that served as part of the border between Gaul and Italy, Caesar looked southward, towards his home in a city he would soon conquer. He paused at the bank of the Rubicon and reflected on the bold move he was about to make. He knew that to prevent a powerful general from laying siege to Rome a law was passed requiring generals to dismiss their army before crossing from one of Rome’s provinces into Italy; thus by moving forward with his plan he would be committing treason. He walked to his advisors asking for their counsel. By crossing he would be committing treason, but if he surrendered he would be tried and killed. Staying was not an option because he had been issued an ultimatum by the Roman Senate that if he failed to disband his armies and leave Gaul he would become an enemy of Rome. After deliberating for some time, Caesar’s advisors all agreed that there would be great bloodshed, but if he did not act he would be killed. Caesar returned to the banks of the river. All of a sudden he cried in a loud voice, “alea iacta est (let…

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