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Guns, Germs, and Steel

Chapter 1: “Up to the Starting Line” 1. When did the history of humans begin?
Around 50,000 years ago. “Human history at last took off around 50,000 years ago...” (Page 39)

2. Humans developed on what continent?
Humans developed in Africa. “…, indicates that the earliest stages of human evolution were also played out in Africa.” (Page 36)

3. The Giant Leap forward occurred when?
Around the time human history started, 50,000 years ago.
“Human History at last took off around 50,000 years ago, at the time of what I have termed our Great Leap Forward. (Page 39)

4. How does Diamond explain the mass extinction of large mammals in some areas?
He explains the existence first and then explains how the dates of their
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More consumable calories found
“…: availability of more consumable calories means more people.” (Page 86/87)

3. Sedentary lifestyles led to what type of birth intervals?
Shortened birth interval
“…to denser human populations by permitting a shortened birth interval.” (Page 89)

4. The ability of societies to have non-food producing specialist like soldiers was due to what?
Storing food surpluses
“But stored food is essential for feeding non-food producing specialists and certainly for supporting a whole town of them.” (Page 89)

5. What is typically necessary for a society to have non-food specialists beyond kings and bureaucrats?
Stored food surplus based on taxation
“A stored food surplus built up by taxation can support other full-time can support other full-time specialists besides kings and bureaucrats.” (Page 90)

6. Why did the infectious diseases that they brought to places like the Americas and Australia not affect the Europeans?
Because they became sort-of immune to them
“…but those humans then evolved substantial resistance to new diseases.” (Page 92) Chapter 5: “History’s haves and Have-Nots”

1. Independent food production appears to have begun when and where?
Around modern times in Iraq, Iran and Mexico just to name a few.
“…Failure of food production to appear until modern times…” (Page 93)
“When we trace food production back to its beginning, the earliest sites…………They include……….: Iraq and Iran, Mexico, the

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