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Chapter 19- French Revolution

1) Describe the 3 estates of France. Who paid the taxes? Who held the wealth and power in France?

The first estate was the top 1% of population which is the government, church, and clergy men. They experienced special privileges and paid no taxes.

The Second Estate is made up of the 2% of population and included nobility. They experienced special privileges and were taxed lightly.

The Third Estate was made p of the "common" population. They included lawyers, merchants, and peasants. They were made up of the Bourgeoisie which is the middle class which is the highest portion of the third estate.

2) Define liberty and equality.

Liberty is freedom, guaranteed human rights, no censorship, and
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11) What was the Committee of Public Safety?

The Committee of Public Safety was established by the Convention in April 1793. Their goal was to save the revolution from enemies at home ad abroad. The leaders were Jacques Danton and Maximilian Robespierre. The Committee was opposed to weak policies of Girondists and worked with Sans-Culottes.

12) What was the Reign of Terror?

The Reign if Terror first started when the French set out to defend their political an social ideas. Committees were formed to dedicate themselves to the protection and advancement of the revolution. The Committee of the Public Safety was established. The Levee en Masse was when the sans-culottes invade the convention and oust Girondist members. This gave the mountain complete control.

13) Why did France go to war with Austria in 1792?

On April 20, 1792, France declared was against Austria. This marked the beginning of a more radical revolution which is known a the Second Revolution. The Jacobins supported a republic rather than a constitutional monarchy. There was a group of Jacobins that assumed leadership in the Legislative Assembly, known as the Girondists. They were determined to oppose counterrevolutionary forces. They thought that Austria was against the revolution.

14) What is the Thermidorian Reaction?

July 1794 was the calming of the revolution. This was known as the Thermidorian reaction. This consisted of destruction of

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