Essay on Antwon Fisher

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Loyola University Chicago Advanced Assessment

SOWK 504


By: Ashley Soehn



This paper is an advanced assessment of Antwone Fisher as he is portrayed in the film

Antwone Fisher. This will be a hypothetical advanced
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He was

then demoted and sentenced to restriction to ship and was ordered to seek psychiatric

treatment. During treatment he has a hard time opening up and feels that everyone

abandons him.

Client System Strengths

Although Antwone has an extremely difficult past and has acquired negative traits

because of this past, he also has numerous strengths. Given his past Antwone has

an abundance of strength and ability to deal with and overcome many negative

situations in his life. While he has acquired a temper, he has not been in any serious

trouble with law, does not have any known alcohol or drug dependencies and has not

tried to harm himself in any way. He was also able to make it through and join the U.S.

Navy with the hope of bettering his life.

Even though it took a while for him to reveal anything about his past to Dr.

Davenport he was eventually able to reveal important aspects about his past including

revealing that he was sexually abused by Nadine Tate. Antwone also maintains

probably his first romantic relationship with a fellow sailor by the name of Cheryl. He

is also eventually able to open up to her revealing that he is seeing a therapist. This is

huge progress from someone who has been through so much hate, abuse and

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