Anton Dvorak Vs Howard Shore Analysis

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Antonin Dvorak vs. Howard Shore What makes a great composer, one who will stand the test of time and create sounds that evoke feelings such as love, anger, happiness, or sadness inside the listener? While listening to various classical music pieces, one might discover that, although composers develop their own distinct characteristics while creating various, new styles unique to their own individuality, they have many well-defined similarities. The time period in which the composition was written and the composer's personality and life experiences greatly effect the type of music they write and the emotions they tend to portray. Antonin Dvorak, born in Czech, was one of the greatest composers during the Romantic period, writing songs of many different styles, typically including the nationalistic aspects of his native lands, Bohemia and Moravia. In contrast, Howard Shore, a Canadian composer known for his multitudinous works heard in many movies of today, has composed music that has aroused a variety of intense feelings within his listeners in order to create more dramatic and thought-provoking cinematic stories. Even though both of these composers have created music consisting of numerous similarities, they also have …show more content…
The place in which a person was born, the time period they were born in, their personality, and even the city they live in can all contribute to the development and characteristic sound of compositions designed by each individual. Although Shore and Dvorak have both used many similar stylistic practices and fundamental aspects in creating their their music, the sounds they have appointed are uniquely beautiful and will forever be enjoyed by future generations of classical music listeners. As a wise man once said, “True music is music that can pass the test of

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