Antimicrobial Action And Antimicrobial Resistance Essay

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1. Antimicrobial resistance is MAINTAINED in the environment by Selective Pressure. Discuss 3 types of selective pressure and how each could be avoided.
One type of selective pressure is the use of antibiotics to treat viral infections. This could be avoided by educating the public that antibiotics do nothing for a viral infection. Doctors should also stop giving into patient’s demand for antibiotics for a viral infection. Another type of selective pressure is not completing a full prescription. If a patient stops taking an antibiotic before they should, all of the disease causing bacteria may not be dead yet. This greatly increases the chance of recurrence and a greater chance of developing antibiotic resistance. This could be avoided by educating patients to take their full dose. Also, doctors or nurses could do follow up programs to make sure the patient is taking all of the drug. Finally, another selective pressure is antibiotic use in animals. When we eat the meat, we ingest antibiotic resistant bacteria that the animal accumulated. This could be avoided by decreasing antibiotic use in animals or using antibiotics that won’t affect humans.
2. Discuss three different mechanisms of antibiotic resistance (ie how is an organism resistant to a particular antibiotic).
One mechanism of antibiotic resistance is enzymes that inactivate the drug. For example, the bacteria can make enzymes that modify…

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