Antigone And Creon Vs. Antigone Essay

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Within the play “Antigone” both Creon and Antigone are displayed as strong-willed, principled, and complex individuals. Through the play we explore the consequences endured by the two opposing characters based on their actions; each displayed with a different set of beliefs and morals, against one another causing both a traumatic ending. Antigone and Creon are similar in some cases, they both stand confidently in what they believe in, even if it makes them allies. Antigone honors the beliefs of the gods and her family and thinks they are more superior then the laws of man. Creon orders Antigone not to bury her brother Polyneices and anyone who tries to bury his body will receive the death penalty. Creon believes that the laws of man are the most superior, he feels that the laws of his city and throne should be protected by any means. Though Antigone and Creon’s beliefs both conflict with each other, they both share similar views of decision making even if their actions put the people around them at risk. At once, these two disagreeing characters surrender in order to properly protect their morals.

Both Antigone and Creon show how the negative values of things in life can outweigh the positive things. It is proven in this play that sometimes when people share two different beliefs on things, the outcome is never really resolved. The play begins with Antigone and Ismene having a conversation about the burial of their brother, Polyneices. Antigone finally decides that she…

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