Essay on Antibiotics Resistance : Antibiotics And Antibiotics

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Antibiotics Resistance Scare The misuse of antibiotic has led to the increase of antibiotics resistance in individuals. The public believes that medical professionals are to blame for the overuse of antibiotics but the agricultural sector should share some of the blame too. In the article by Jen Christensen “Pediatricians want farmers to use fewer antibiotics” (2015), her objective was to regulate the amount of antibiotics given to animals because of the after effect of consuming meat by humans. The after effect can be food poisoning and antibiotic resistant. A bacteria having antibiotic resistance means that the antibiotic no longer harms the bacteria or no longer reduce the bacteria load in the body.
Antibiotic Resistance bacteria is a growing interest as population aggressively increases. There is a need for the increase of production of food, but the availability of farmland is a concern. Hence, a new approach to agriculture have been made to grow more food on less land. Most of these methods are ingenious but they occur at the damage to either the environment or human principle. An example is the substantial use of antibiotics in animals feeding. According to Grace Communication Foundation, “Today, antibiotics are routinely fed to livestock, poultry, and fish on industrial farms to promote faster growth and to compensate for the unsanitary conditions in which they are raised…report by the FDA, approximately 80 percent of all antibiotics used in the United States are…

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