Antibiotics Are Useful And Powerful Drugs Essay

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Antibiotics are very useful and powerful drugs that help kill many different infections. In the 1940’s, before antibiotics were invented, many people died from bacterial infections (Goldsmith 7). “In the past twenty five-years, the widespread misuse of antibiotics has turned many formerly curable bacterial diseases into nearly untreatable ones” (Goldsmith 9). “Bacteria have shown the ability to become resistant to every antibiotic that has been developed” (CDC 41). According to the Centers for Disease Control, this has created a worldwide problem; some refer to them as “nightmare bacteria” (11). Each year, approximately two million people get infections that are resistant to antibiotics and twenty-three thousand die (CDC 11). The overuse of antibiotics, in both humans and animals, has led to bacteria becoming resistant to the drugs that have been used to treat them effectively in the past.
Over prescribing is the main reason bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics (CDC 11). Around 50 percent of the antibiotics used are not really needed or are used incorrectly (CDC 11). Anytime someone takes an antibiotic that is not needed, their risk increases of getting a resistant infection in the future (CDC 25). Antibiotics do not know whether they are attacking good or bad bacteria, so they just attack it all (Kowalski 32). The attack on good bacteria can cause people to develop C. difficile, which causes severe diarrhea, and leads to at least fourteen thousand…

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