Antibiotics Are Known As A Miracle Cure Essay

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Think of the last time that you had a big juicy steak--seasoned to perfection at your house or at a restaurant. Did the thought ever cross your mind that this steak could make me sick? I know that I haven 't but could worrying about it become a reality for anyone that eats meat? Antibiotics are known as a miracle cure. The definition of antibiotics from South Dakota State University is; Antibiotics are medicines that are given to people or animals to treat or prevent certain illnesses caused by bacteria. Antibiotics either kill or hinder the growth of harmful bacteria in animals and people. At one point or another everyone has had an antibiotic. One worry scientists have about antibiotics is that they may be losing their power. These scientists have said that they are being overused. They are not only being overused in humans but in livestock. 80% of all antibiotics are used in livestock.This is a very large percentage and is why there is such a big concern for scientists. In people, if you 're sick, you usually get the antibiotic or get vaccinated before the weather gets cold. Livestock have a different story. They get a number of vaccinations throughout their lives whether they need it or not. These antibiotics help the animal grow faster, to live in most conditions, and have a higher yield grade. Another use and the most common is to keep the animal healthy. Are these animals gaining resistance to the antibiotics? What will this do to the livestock that will eventually…

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