Essay about Antibiotic Resistance Is A Natural Product Of Evolution

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Antibiotic resistance has been on the rise in recent years, and currently more than 23,000 people die from antibiotic resistant infections every year in the United States.1 Resistant bacteria make infections harder to treat and cost an estimated $20 billion in direct healthcare costs in the US.1 Antibiotic resistance is a natural product of evolution; however, humans have helped to accelerate the process over the last century. Over prescription and use of broad-spectrum antibiotics in both developing and developed nations, poor patient follow through, and preventative use in livestock have all contributed to the issue. Without new treatments, the results of such accelerated resistance could be as profound as the inability to treat common infections and a significant increase in risk for medical procedures due to the possibility of post-operative infection.3

Some current research is being conducted with the hope of developing new antibiotics from the same sources used in the past or molecules that can improve the activity of current antibiotics. However, much of the research is instead focused on investigating other phenomena in the hopes of establishing a family of antibiotics that do not induce resistance. This paper will focus on current research in membrane disruption, inhibition and bacteriophages. There are many compounds such as antimicrobial peptides that are being investigated for their ability to disrupt bacterial membranes through a variety of mechanisms,…

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