Antibiotic Resistance And The Overuse Of Vaccines Essay

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Statement; Antibiotic resistance and the overuse of vaccines has contributed to the increased incidence of emerging diseases and resistance to their controls and treatments.
The Human immune system is a complex network of tissues, cells and microorganisms that collaborate with one another to help protect the human body from attacking antigens. The immune system is the last line of defense, protecting the body from harmful substances that are attacking. Links between the Human immune system and harmful Pathogens are carried out by three stages of defense that your body transmits. Antibiotic resistance has a direct connection to the overuse of artificial immunity agents caused from antibiotics and vaccines.

When Pathogens such as Bacteria and Viruses entre the body, they have been successful in overcoming the first line of defense of the Human Immune System. The first line of defense is nonspecific, if Pathogens are able to breach the first line of defense, then the skin and other epithelial surfaces, including those lining the lung and gut have been breached. National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2002 . The Immune system has three main sections that require specific and non specific ways of protecting the Human body. The first line of defense in the human immune system requires non specific ways of protecting its self against evading Pathogens and Antigens. The first line of defense caters for attacking Antigens that are not harmful to the body. Line one of…

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