Anti Semitic Views : Hitler 's New Order For Peace For A Thousand Years

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population understood that intense racism was a major factor of Nazism, his mixture of Volkish ideals and a clear direction for Germany ensured many people that “Hitler’s New Order would ensure peace for a thousand years.”
Hitler was able to legitimize these mass killings through the idea of the Volk to the German population. The last hindering aspect of the Volkish ideals from controlling German politics was its lack of direction in a political party. While the ideology was popular and was supported by the German population; political parties that maintained Volkish ideals had had difficulties in controlling the ideology’s ambiguity and implementing a national action plan from it. Hitler’s quick rise to power was his ability to construct a clear path for Nazism to go towards; he simply put a Jewish face onto all the problems of Germany. Hitler found mass support for this idea in the academic world, which had always been supportive of Volkish ideals and maintained anti-Semitic views. Yehuda Bauer agrees with Mosse on this point, in Rethinking the Holocaust, Bauer analyzes the key part academics and the intellectual community took in the overall functions of the Nazis. He argues how intellectuals were used to help gather support and legitimize Hitler’s call for the extermination of the Jews. “Scientists, philosophers, historians, and theologians at universities, supplied the rationalizations for the murder machine with verve and a great deal of individual initiative.”…

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