`` Anthem For Doomed Youth `` By Wilfred Owen Essay

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Humans are the only species to fight in wars, yet war is infamous for dehumanizing its participants. Many authors throughout ages and wars have attempted to make readers question the human condition and human nature through a variety of formats: novels, short stories, poems, and more. Literature written during and after World War I shows how comparison to savage animals, insensitive parts of a larger machine, nameless beings, and insubstantial idols during wartime dehumanizes soldiers and citizens alike. Even with modern technology such as effective guns and bombs, animal instinct was present in the men who fought in World War I. In fact, advanced weaponry only made wars more lethal. In “Anthem for Doomed Youth”, Wilfred Owen writes, “What passing-bells for those who die as cattle? / Only the monstrous anger of the guns” (Owen “Anthem for Doomed Youth). Death counts soared with modern weaponry, so high that soldiers died like animals: in great numbers and without dignity or recognition amidst the slaughter. Not only are the victims of these brutal actions dehumanized, but also the people responsible. Throughout All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul compares his fellow soldiers to various animals. They are mad like dogs, wild like beasts, and sneaky like cats, all because they will not survive if they are compassionate like humans should be. Basic acts of kindness like mercy can be so dangerous that the soldiers equate humanity with madness. Remarque uses Paul 's…

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