Retrograde Amnesia Case Study

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1. Identify whether John is more likely to be experiencing retrograde or anterograde amnesia.

It appears that john is most likely subject to anterograde amnesia as he shows signs of losing his ability to form declarative memories.

“Anterograde amnesia is the inability to recall events that occur after the onset of amnesia.”
(Peter Harris, 2014). (pg. 105).

“Retrograde amnesia is the loss of memory for events occurring before a particular time in a person’s life, usually before the event that precipitated the amnesia.”
(Peter Harris, 2014). (pg. 1503).

2. Provide a rationale for why you believe John is experiencing this type of amnesia. In your response, you should discuss differences between retrograde and anterograde amnesia
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nursing home staff, doctor, nurse, paramedic, dentist) and a specific service/treatment you would be providing John.
• Discuss how John 's memory impairments might affect the way that you work with him (that is; What challenges might it present? What considerations would you need to make?)
• Discuss ONE memory strategy from your reading about memory difficulties (that is, a strategy that the psychological literature suggests is effective) that you would implement in order to assist John in carrying out any activities/treatments.

As a nursing home staff member if John was my patient I would be assisting him with his daily routine as well as other daily activities that is well known for improving the majority of resident’s self-esteem and helps to maintain their dignity. Johns memory impairments would impact the way that I work with him as he would not be able to recall that he lives in the nursing home as well as not being recognise me or any of the nursing staff though his procedural skills remain intact I would need to remind him to complete his tasks in his daily routine and other activities. I would need to provide a quality of care and would consider implementing effective strategies to assist John with his memory

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