`` Another Country `` : The Story Of The Painful Struggle Of A Group Of Friends

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Another Country is the story of the painful struggle of a group of friends trying to discover their true self by coming to terms with their darkest secrets. The story focuses on both the characters perception of his or her own self and the relationships between each character, which gives readers an inside look into the characters sense of emptiness and lack of gender and racial identity. Each character is written to support and contrast each others actions to show the reader the different ways they cope with pressing issues such as racism and confusion about sexual identity. The highly emotional descriptions of the characters behaviors convey to the reader the process of uncovering the secrets that exist in each one of them, and how they attempt to cope in order to fix their emotional problems. Each character is battling psychological demons within themself that must be overcome before their inevitable downfall. Rufus, a black male and one of the main characters, is the first one that we meet who shows us his thoughts of feeling meaningless in life. Rufus’s character exists to contrast his choice of behavior with the choices of the other characters who also struggle to understand the meaning of their life. Rufus’s extreme actions represent a person lost in anguish and at the “bottom” (53) of his life. Regardless of the love expressed to him from the other main characters, Rufus cannot gain a sense of self. Instead of coping and struggling with his problems, he…

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