Anorexia Nervos A Serious Eating Disorder Essay

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According to Steiner et. al, anorexia nervosa is a serious eating disorder affecting the lives of adolescent girls, with a median age onset of seventeen years ( as cited in Hurst, Read, & Wallis, 2012). It is characterized by the distorted perception of abnormally low body weight leading to alarming health complications; due to the extreme measures of maintaining an absurdly thin body. This paper explores how the illness alters the social, psychological, behavioural, and physiological health of adolescences focusing more with the teenage girl’s population. It also discusses the roles of nurses in addressing, managing, and preventing anorexia nervosa by applying interventions examined in this paper. Finally, it explains how the disorder implicates the pediatric nursing practice and how the nurses can utilize nursing tools such as caring, effective communication, and advocacy when providing treatments to the youth suffering from this illness.
Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a type of eating disorder that generates a strong fear of becoming fat to someone bearing this disorder. People with anorexia have acquired idiosyncrasy to control their weight and shape using extreme measures such as severely restricting the amount of their calorie intake, excessive workout, and induced vomiting and laxative abuse after eating. According to the American Psychiatric Association, AN can be distinguished as restricting type or binging-purging type. Restricting type is when the person maintains their…

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