Annotated Essay - Encoded Love

1145 Words Dec 13th, 2015 5 Pages
Encoded Love The clock rang three times when I was leaning on the window. The cool winds softly came into my bedroom, seemed trying to calm down my anxious heart. I was looking for something important, so important that it may influence my whole life. I look down at the empty street, finding out that the passengers were a little bit fewer than yesterday. Even in such a busy commercial street, you can’t expect that there would still be people over here at night during the war time. Yes, the war between our neighbor state and us had lasted for two years. Our daily lives had been seriously disrupted: we would not be able to buy food very often, and people were not as talkative as before. Even love became a luxurious thing now, because the boys were asked to fight for their homeland, and you had no idea about if you can see them again. This was the situation of our state, and it would be worse when it came to the lower class people. Rich class could move to another state in order to escape from the wars. However, poor people, like my family and those I knew, had no choice but bearing it. I started not to expect the exciting things that might happen, as I didn’t know if there would be tomorrows. However, I didn’t expect that I would put myself into the most dangerous situation one day. On that day, I went out to buy some food for my family. Because most of the stores were closed, I had to walk a lot in order to get everything I needed. Suddenly, I saw a man who was so…

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