Essay on Annotated Bibliography On The Importance Of Being Earnest

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Annotated Bibliography: The Importance of Being Earnest
Reinert, Otto. "Satiric Strategy in the Importance of Being Earnest." College English 18.1 (1956): 14-18. National Council of Teachers of English. JSTOR, Oct. 1956. Web. 5 July 2015. The main idea in this analysis of Wilde’s satire is to prove that Wilde does not just use satire for the sake of having his play being called a “farce,” rather he uses satirical strategy to enhance the experience of the play and how it differs from “normal” satires. Normal satires refer, in this case, those that outright label themselves as satires. But, Wilde’s play cannot be labeled only as a farce. As Reinert writes, the play requires looking at both the satirical and dramatic counterparts of the play. To ignore one over the other is complete lack for rationale as Reinert writes. Reinert then goes on about how Wilde’s use of satirical staging was not first seen in The Importance of Being Earnest but rather in An Ideal Husband where the hero, Lord Goring, leads the charge of the satire. Even though, as Reinert states, the satire is similar in both, there is no clear hero (or heroine per se) in Earnest. Rather, all the characters are flippant—meaning that it’s never one character, who is satirical but rather all of them. The reader then follows the examples that Reinert lays out to explain such “flippancy.” Overall, I agree with the scholar. Being labeled as just a “farce,” Earnest loses a crucial aspect of itself. I had to re-read the…

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