Essay on Annotated Bibliography On Systematic Learner Variability

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1. Why is it important for educators to know about systematic learner variability? It is important for educators to know about systematic learner variability because the concept of the "Illusory Average Student" does not exist; "cognitive neurosceince has shown that there is no average student" (DL Series No. 1, 2012). Therefore, it is important for educators to know that student ability varies widely both within and between subjects and concepts for students, and even more importantly, that this variability is normal (DL Series No. 1, 2012). Finally, once you learn about learner variability you can begin to think systematically about learner variability, and from there you can begin to predict for this variability in your lesson plans (DL Series No. 1, 2012). From there, you can incorporate these predictions into your lesson plans to best meet the needs of a variety of learners, and so you make sure that you are not leaving some students out of the learning process.

What is universal design and how does it differ from other approaches to teaching?

If systematic learner variability is the "what", then universal design is the "how". Universal design is the school of thought/framework that "helps educators address systematic learner variability (DL Series No. 1, 2012). Universal design is about using knowledge of predictable systematic learner variability to proactively plan and incorporate a variety of approaches and resources for your students so that you only need…

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