Annotated Bibliography On Social Networking

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Annotated Bibliography
Baek, Young Min, Young Bae, and Hyunmi Jang. "Social And Parasocial Relationships On Social Network Sites And Their Differential Relationships With Users ' Psychological Well-Being." Cyberpsychology, Behavior And Social Networking 16.7 (2013): 512-517. MEDLINE. 1 Nov. 2016.
This article is published in the year of 2013 with current information by the periodical journal “Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking”, which is an academic journal about the psychological influence of social network. The authors’ contact information and the organizational affiliations are given clearly, while the authors have Ph.D. degrees in the field of communication, which means this article has a high authority in the study of social media and is greatly relevant to my research topic. Besides, the data of this article is based on the study with statistical controls and analysis which are highly reliable. Thus, the CRAAP score of this article is 40, which means it’s a very good source for my research. This article is about how social network sites (SNSs) related to loneliness, interpersonal trust, and SNS addiction through doing research in by the scholars in the fields of communication and information sociology. In this article, the authors discuss two types of social network relationships, parasocial

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