Annotated Bibliography On Identity Crime And Misuse Essay

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Critical Review #2: Identity crime and misuse in Australia:
Results of the 2013 online survey

Behind the article:
Koubaridis (2014, n.p.), a crime news reporter for News Limited, states that ‘1 in 5 Australians have been victims of identity crime [due to] computer hacking, [and] online banking and shopping [are] to blame’. Koubaridis (2014) based the article’s research on a study conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology. Russell G. Smith and Alice Hutchings from the Australian Institute of Criminology conducted this study in September 2013 (Smith and Hutchings 2014).

Research data embedded within the article:
Within the media article, there were five components that directly related back to the published research. Koubaridis (2014, n.p.) simply states that ‘one in five Australians have had their personal information misused’. Whereas, Smith and Hutchings (2014) provide details regarding the number of participants involved in the study as well as the percentages of the participants involved that reported that their data was misused. Smith and Hutchings’ (2014, sec. x) survey discovered that ‘20.8 percent of the 4,995 respondents, reported [a] misuse of their personal information at some time during their life’. By using numerical figures, the researchers were able to provide readers with a clear perspective in regards the sample size.

Further into the article, Koubaridis (2014) used numerical figures to describe how losses from identity attacks ranged from a…

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