Annotated Bibliography On Encryption Architecture Encryption Essay

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Encryption Architecture The transparent Data Encryption uses keys as secrets in a Key Architecture Encryption. These secrete keys are used in combination with encryption algorithms to encrypt data. The Key Architecture Encryption uses two–tier consisting of table space keys and master keys. In Transparent Data Encryption, the master key is stored in Oracle wallet. The storage of the master key in Oracle wallet makes it possible to back up the key and generate it during the initial configuration of the Transparent Data Encryption. In most cases, the master key is generated inside the Oracle database using a pseudo-random number. It would therefore be correct to say that the backup of the wallet is always associated with master key. It would therefore be a necessary to back up the wallet in a secure location before making any changes ion it or before changing the password because wallet will be a critical component to the institution. Using best practice 5 in transparent data encryption, it is possible to carry out Key exchange. Both table keys and master key are re-keyed individually and this would allow provision of granular implementation of various policies to be set by the Company. The advantage of both re-keying is that there is no interference of the stored data in the database. For instance, re-keying of master key will of master key will require decryption and re-encryption only in table keys and therefore not associated with stored data. Although re-keying of…

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