Annie Proulx's The Shipping News: Characterization, Figurative Language and Imagery

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In The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, readers can imply that the protagonist has lived a treacherous life onto which he wishes to set change upon, but cannot see the dear light of opportunity. Quoyle is an aging man, who is still learning to separate his feelings from his personal life. He wallows in misery, as day by day passes; however, he cannot help but wonder why nothing can seem to make sense to him. Annie Proulx uses characterization, figurative language and imagery to contribute to the overall meaning of the story.
In the opening of the story, Quoyle is shown to be a cowardly, gutless, lump of a man, who is a failure at everything that is thrown in his life’s path. The story shows that the protagonist cannot do anything to bring
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It is very easy to picture what Quoyle looks like as the Proulx uses plenty of figurative language and literary devices. In paragraph 3 where he is constantly thrown into the water by his father, “And Quoyle feared water, could not swim. Again and again the father had broken his clenched grip and thrown him into pools, brooks, lakes and surf. Quoyle knew the flavor of brack and waterweed.” In this phrase, it is simple to see how

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