Anne Is A Talented Girl With A Love For Learning Essay

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Anne is a talented girl with a love for learning, only for the light of a promising future. She is able to convey her thoughts, emotions, and the antics of the Secret Annex in a way that is personable and allows for the reader to feel as if they are hiding with her back between the time when she started writing until the abrupt end. Her writing does not sell short the different personalities living in such a small space. Each person feels so alive, it is as if they all took turns writing in her diary. Without Kitty, her diary, we may have never known her talent, her growth into a young adult, or even a concrete timeline of World War II as it was progressing. Because of her being forced into hiding, we are able to feel on edge with her while having a closer look at the dynamics within the Annex.
To start on her writing ability, you can see throughout the book that her style continuously gets more refined. The creation and compiling of information in the “Cady’s Life” document, edited by Gerrold van der Stroom, not only provides prior information pertaining to the stories and sketches created by Anne, but dates them, creating something similar to a writing portfolio. Reading one of the first pieces she has done with the date documented, either The Dentist (December 8, 1942) or Sausage Day (December 10, 1942), and comparing it to one of the final dated pieces, My First Day at the Lyceum, A Biology Class (both pieces are dated August 11, 1943), or A Math Class (August 12,…

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