Anne Bradstreet 's The Tenth Muse Essay

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Anne Bradstreet was the first woman to be recognized as an accomplished new world poet. Anne 's work was very well known as it continues to be throughout America today. Her most well known piece of poetry was "The tenth muse " which was published in London in 1650. Anne addressed the situations that were happening in her life and put them into poetry, all though she was not able to publish them all due to the fact that she was a woman, she had an exceptional amount of work and effort that went towards these poems. During the 1600s woman 's poems were not published, or even looked at. Despite this Anne continued to write her poems based upon religion, conflicts she had as a Puritan woman, and issues that she was concerned with. This affected much of her poetry because it was not only realistic but it showed the real life dilemmas happening. The 1600s were a time for change, pilgrims from England arrived in Plymouth on the mayflower, science changed forever because of Robert Hooke and Isaac Newton. Anne had to keep her poems a secret because woman 's poems were not accepted during her time period. Anne 's poetry reflects the tensions of woman who wished to express there individuality. Most woman did not feel like an indivual and were not as important as men were. Anne continued to write her poems but had to keep them a secret until they were able to get out into the world. During Anne 's writing , there was not other woman writing , it was frowned upon for woman to…

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