Anna Funder 's Literary Journalist Text Stasiland Essay

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Anna Funder’s literary journalist text Stasiland explores the lingering impact that the former German Democratic Republic had upon its citizens. Through investigating the struggles faced by individuals in rebuilding their lives within unified Germany, Funder acknowledges that the horrors of the GDR are still controlling those who once lived under its communist regime. Through the victims Funder interviews, she identifies that as East Germany is rebuilt, so too are its people, as they attempt to find a place within a society once characterised by suppression and oppression.

Funder acknowledges the lingering impact of the GDR through depiction of her experiences in unified Germany. Through her characterisation of herself as Anna, Funder contrasts her own experiences with the experiences of individuals within the GDR. When controlled by the lifeguard at the pool with “too many rules”, Funder draws comparison between the strict structure of the pool, and the rules of the GDR, as she sees it as the “subconscious of the country”. In doing this, she explores the lingering impact that the structure and control experienced within the GDR has had, as it manifests within everyday society in unified Germany, even impacting on those who weren’t subject to the East German Regime. Funder’s own experiences which reflect the ways in which the city is not moving forward, as is still underpinned by the East German mindset. Furthermore, Funder also explores the inability for individuals to…

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