Anita And Me At The Birmingham Rep Essay

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On the 17th October 2015 we went to watch the performance adaptation of Anita and me at the Birmingham REP by Meera Syal and adapted by Tanika Gupta. The performance starred Mandeep Dhillon as Meena and Jalleh Alizadeh as Anita. The play is a touching example of a beautiful coming of age story and follows the tale of a British-Punjabi girl growing up in the Black Country during the 1970s it explores Meena’s struggle to fit into local culture. She soon develop friendships with both Anita and Sam (played by Joseph Drake), however these friendships soon lead to a struggle between friendship and family.
A remarkable moment of the performance for myself was the scene in which Anita and Meena are in the family home, which was created by an intuitive, exceptional use of set, dressing up in lively, vibrant Indian clothing this was a potent scene as the heart-warming, friendly nature of the scene was in sharp contrast to the negative relationship that we see between the two actors during the opening of the play. The realistic, but somewhat basic costumes used within the play were contrasting to the extravagant sari that Anita was dressed in. The girls dressing up exposed a flip side to their characters; an example is Anita’s enthusiastic body language and relaxed aura that demonstrated that she was keen to learn even though she puts on a front which makes us question the reason she puts an almost unbreakable front. Equally, Meena’s excitement at Anita in this situation shows that…

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