Animals Must Keep The Wild Animals Essay

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Hunters help keep the wild animal population down to prevent overrunning the people in the United States. They keep us safe from the predators in the wild by keeping their population down so they do not need to move into any cities to find food. They can stay in the wild areas like forests, woods and, any other areas that humans are not currently populating. By keeping predator population down hunters will help keep us safe from all the dangerous animals in the wild. Even though many animals need hunters to keep their numbers from over populating, there are animals that do not need it. Squirrels, mourning doves, raccoons, waterfowl and, upland birds are good examples of animals that can be annoying but do not need population control. There are people that actually consider themselves hunters and people that do not consider themselves to be hunters.

The safety the hunters give to the human population is keeping the predators from overrunning the humans. Every animal species, including the humans, has either been a predator or prey. There are times when hunters become the hunted and are out hunting and tracking animals, without realizing that there is a different predator that is following, waiting for the hunter to make the wrong move to attack. This is why hunters are trying to keep the dangerous animals population down so they do not have to worry about these animals attacking them while they are hunting. There are many animals that if population control was not…

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