Essay on Animals Are The Best Of God

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As humans we all see ourselves as empowered people. We all feel as though we are the best of god’s creation and are powerful than any other living organism on this earth. Although out of that how much truth is really there? What makes us feel empowered to other living things when they are as much alive as any human is. Does this mean that we are seen as something different than any other living organisms such as an animal or is the human species animals? The definition of Animals is they are considered “a living organism that eats organic matter and typically have specialized sense organs and nervous systems and are able to respond rapidly to stimuli” (dictionary). The definition categorized humans as animals which we are as the years went on humans just progressed more and learned much more than regular animals which makes us a little better and empowered to other animals but there are down sides. Humans may feel empowered over other animals but are the same and no different than wild animals; therefore, The human species started from somewhere we did not just get to where we are by doing nothing or not progressing ourselves. Now in the twenty first century technology has been a big change in the world in a good and bad way. As the dominant species over other animals technology could really hurt what we have become because we are so dependent on technology. Like any animal technology does not affect them and they still could do things for long amounts of time unlike…

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