Essay on Animals And The Environment : Animal Welfare

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Animals and the Environment
Specisism says that all humans are better than animals. There are two types of theorists when it comes to animal welfare: traditionalists and abolitionists. The arguments for animal welfare is that they provide food and there is no pain in going through with animal welfare. The only persons who don’t benefit from animal welfare are vegans and vegetarians because they don’t eat any type of meat. Another argument for animal welfare is experimentation. Specifically, using animals to see if certain products will be harmful to humans. A lot of things that animal tested are shampoos, other types of hair products, etc. Certain animals’ skin or fur is used to make the newest and trendiest clothing items such as fur coats and leopard skin purses. Moreover, animals are used for our own entertainment such as zoos and circuses because humans, especially little kids love going to these places. Personally because of the environment I have grown up in, I don 't really see anything wrong with these different forms of animal welfare. Sometimes I don’t see why people get so worked up about this topic because people are going to have their conflicting opinions anyways. Most people are against it (vegetarians) because they feel that animals should be valued more than they are. They also feel that animals are also human just as we all are.

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