Essay on Animals And Its Impact On The Ecosystem

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As it pertains to the more integral elements of nature, animals take a significant role in the balance of the ecosystem. Loggers need to understand that endangering animals and their habitats does not bode well for the loggers themselves. Destroying habitats means destroying animals, and destroying animals precipitates the inability to reproduce quickly enough to maintain a biodiverse equilibrium. This leads to a disruption within the ecosystem that can provoke wild consequences like stalling the growth of the loggers’ desirable trees, for instance. Imagine that. Some species of animals and insects actually promote tree growth, so as lumbermen slash down the woody plants, they actually decelerate the process of gaining them back for further deforestation.
Besides, in the Amazon rainforest over 300 mammal species and 1,000 species of birds thrive with 60,000 different plant species, and those don’t include fish, amphibians, or reptiles (Levine). Invading their territory seems imprudent. Even though loggers deforest mainly for economic reasons, they could still take into account all the fragile species that reside right at the site of deforestation. Although it would seem impossible to track all of the animals within a particular area, workers should at least have the awareness about the activity in which they commit.
However, one component that loggers cannot recognize takes place in the air around them. Temperature acts as a very sensitive ingredient while taking nature’s…

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