Animal Welfare Act Essay

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This paper explores the focus of animals owned as property. It discusses what harmful acts we do upon them such as being test subjects for the safety for humans, personal use, and consumption. An Organization named PETA was used to grow awareness and what people could do for animals and try to stop or benefit the animal in their temporary environment. The purpose of the Animal Welfare Act was to ensure animals some form of right since technically they do not have official rights because of not having characteristics as humans. I discuss an idea of animals being aware forming guilt to people and how society reacts for something was stopped because animals were not use in the formality for us.
Animal Property Aspects and Activists
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There are creatures internationally involved in experimentation that leads to excruciating amount of pain. The lists of animals affected goes on and on but mice are deliberately the most common subjects to be tested because they are easy to maintain and genetically close to human behavioral characteristics. The problem is that animals are intentionally living property and activists are appose to the idea of any living creature being bought for some one else’s satisfaction, such as use for science, products that humans use for any type of matter, and educational purposes. PETA is one key stakeholder to grow awareness to people to save the creatures being harmed, for this instance, mice. PETA held “Investigations inside the laboratories” gathering information of what had happen to the mice during the experimentation process and led to similarities to cruelty by the injuries of testing: brain drilling, emotional distress, sickness, and amputation without any sort of medication for the relief of their pain. Activists are protesting to the companies’ acts or research labs in campuses for the stop of testing in animals and reaching for a new legislation. According to Ritter animals have always been property since it is written in the law but animal welfare acts are in favor, to have assurance that …show more content…
It is propose that way because of the symbolic meaning we put ourselves in with other species. We assume we are the alphas and the other animals as lower than us, regarding to the portrayal, we consume them because we are in control. The issues are exactly the same from the approach that activists oppose to why it stabilize us as a society. The movement is characterized as a social movement by the collective action it has gathered from the abolitionists and welfarism activists to change the treatment towards animals or none in captivity. People fight for the propositions of laws so it can benefit animals and at least tolerate the circumstances the animals have been put into. Some protest in peaceful acts in a way to get the media to have a broad source for recruitment to fight for the cause getting the attention from those who cause the cruelty to animals. An idea that emerged that Smith talked about, was we faced the idea of “Anthropomorphism” that animals are aware what is happening and the animals are smart enough to know what is going on and contribute emotions of what they are going through (Smith pg.8). That cause guilt to workers or anyone who caused an animal physical pain causing organizations to stand up for animals incapable protecting themselves. People

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