Animals In Biomedical Research

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The use of animal testing in biomedical research has been a major controversy between Animal rights activists and Medical scientist. The argument to whether the use of animals are necessary for biomedical research has been ongoing for many years. Although cell line (cell culture) has proven to be an effective alternative method of testing in biomedical, I believe Animal testing plays a vital roll in biomedical research to study and solve health related problems, and to develop cures, and drugs for medical purposes. Scientists have been studying diseases, developing new techniques and treatments by using animals as models due to the fact that animals are more susceptible to many of the same health problems as humans.
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Hence the reason why animals are use to learn more about health problems and to make progress in medicine. On the contrary, Animal rights Activists argues that animals should not be exploited for laboratory experiment by humans, and that animals have rights just like humans. Many animal rights activist believe that medical researchers are cruel and inhumane and have called for an end to all animal experimentation. Some claim that the results of animal testing have very little scientific values. Others like the animal welfare doesn’t oppose to all in vivo research using animals, they stand against inhumane and unnecessary use of animals and fight to eliminate the pain and suffering of animals for cosmetics purposes. Even though both scientists and Animal right Activist believe that experience can cause distress in animals, scientist argue that they understand that distress in animals, can seriously affect the results of the study. Hence most research do not involve painful procedures or the pain is alleviated with analgesic or anesthetic drugs. In other words They claim that experiments are designed to minimize the suffering of animal.
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Studies of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects often require testing animals to determine the most effective way to administer a drug. Studies that dependents on the circulating system to deliver drug to a specific organs are often difficult to perform outside animals bodies, since in vitro studies cannot form the complete picture of the drug action in a whole orgasm. In addition biomedical research to produce medical drugs, vaccine or other treatment are base on how that substance behave in the body, which is determine by its chemical properties, chemical constituents and solubility of that substance, To some this up animal testing is important in some biomedical research without such testing scientist would be unable to evaluate some medical issues. 
 To conclude the controversy between Animal rights activists and Medical scientist about animal experimentation, the question at issue is whether animal testing is necessary in researches. In the case of biomedical research aimed at understanding human diseases and/or developing new human medicines or vaccines, I believe the answer is to such question is yes, Animal experimentation can and regularly does save thousands of human lives. Animal research is very important part of biomedical research. Without laboratory testing of

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