Animal Testing Vs Human Life

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Is Animal Life worth more than Human Life?
Did you know that if it wasn’t for animal testing we wouldn’t be able to vaccinate ourselves against rabies, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tuberculosis, and many more? Animal testing is experiment done on animals for the betterment of products from medications to cosmetics. The pros of animal testing is that there is no other way to test on an living, whole body system, and there are laws protecting animals and their rights. The cons of animal testing is that it is inhumane and cruel and there are alternative ways to test products. I favor animal testing because it has a great contribution to life saving cures/ treatments, animals are similar to human beings in many ways, and it 's safer to test
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Animal testing has created so many cures for diseases such as Diphtheria, treatment for diabetes, tuberculosis, developing vaccine for polio. Animal testing is needed to improve the quality of human life. Human life is much more valuable than animals life. According to “Animal Testing: Lifesaving Research VS. Animal Welfare, “During the animal testing phase of a research project, scientists look to answer questions.How does this chemical affect skin? How does it affect organs, such as the liver, heart, or stomach? How does it affect behavior?” (Sepahban 13). Whenever scientists are trying to make a new type of medicine all of these things matter and need to looked into carefully. Animals provide us with the results of these questions. How would be be able to know the effect of a behavior if scientists were doing alternative testing? It 's not just about the results it 's about the emotions and how animals react to it. Not testing on animals before can be very dangerous to human health. In 1930s more than 100 people died because they were exposed to elixir sulfanilamide. It was a popular treatment for sore throats. In Animal Testing: Lifesaving Research VS. Animal Welfare the author stated that, “What watkins did not know was that the chemical he used to dissolve the sulfinamide, diethylene glycol, was poisonous. He hadn 't tes ted it on animals before selling it. Not testing on animals caused 100 people to die. Not only does animal testing creates cures and save lives but animals are very similar to human beings in many

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