Animal Shelters Are Non Profit Organizations Essay

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Pet Drive You’ve heard commercials about animal shelters are non-profit organizations and usually are ran on small budget from the city along with donations from the public. Animal shelters need help with supplies to take care of animals, provide a warm and comfortable environment before the pets are adopted. In order to help out the animal shelter I’ve planned to do a pet drive to gather resources for this upcoming holiday season. The amazing goal for this operation is to provide the animals with full bellies and plenty of toys to play with. Also to provide a good feeling to the people who help out the shelter. This also provides the animal shelter the ability to save money and try to finish other projects that may have been halted due to lack of funds. I hope this solution that I have will show that the community supports the Animal Shelter and is willing to step up and gather resources for them. I first got this idea when I was sitting in English class clueless on what I should do for this community. I recalled to when I was in seventh grade when I got a teacher to help me do a school project to send a care package to a fellow solider I knew back then. I had a great turnout and the soldier and his fellow buddies loved the stuff that we had sent them. In return I did get my own little care package of patches and photos of downed planes or IED’s and of the solider himself and his squad. I’ve since lost touch with that soldier and the other soldiers I know are Special…

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