Animal Psychology : The Zoo Essay example

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Animal Psychology
When I visited the Philadelphia Zoo recently, I found myself completely fascinated by the gorilla, and orangutan. I have never experienced the overwhelming fascination that I felt observing them that day. The way they moved each finger to grasp, and the way their dark eyes stared back at you with A look of emotion. It was as if A human was inside the enclosure staring back at me. It made me feel really sad, and you could see it in their eyes that they were not happy. It made me question, was he happy? Does being in captivity feel natural to him? During my ride home I thought to myself being able to work with these animals, and observe them in their natural setting would be A dream job to me. After further research I discovered Animal Psychology has an interesting history of theories and experiments which laid down the foundation for many Animal Psychologists today. There are also many career fields with varying salaries that someone with an interest in this field could choose from- whether they wish to work in preserving endangered animals, or remain more local at A community shelter.
There are several well-known Psychologists who had great influence on the starting point of animals, and psychology. Animal Psychology first began with “The Social Organization of ants” and “animal communication and psychology” both written by al-Jahiz, a ninth century Afro-Arab who wrote many articles on these subjects. Ibn al-Haytham wrote The Treatise on the Influence of…

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