Essay on Animal Liberation Front: a Threat to America

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This paper will explain many things about the Animal Liberation Front, including its operational goals; why it is a threat to the United States of America; what actions led to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation declaring it a terrorist organization; what other countries consider it a terrorist organization and why; how it acts like a terrorist organization instead of a peaceful eco-movement; and what can be done to halt or reduce this threat in the future. The Animal Liberation Front is a terrorist group for many reasons, ranging from their operational structure to their belief system. For example, they adopted the classic clandestine cell structure in order to reduce the risk of all of the cells being
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The ALF has also spawned several other more radical organizations, such as the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group, which targets humans more often than any other eco-terrorist group. As the parent organization, the ALF has been accused of funneling the more radical of its personnel to this group, among others. There are many methods to reduce or remove the threat that the ALF poses to the United States, but the largest problem remains infiltrating the group, as many of the cells are made up of tight-knit groups of friends and family. However, when law enforcement can infiltrate or identify the groups, the entire group is often caught and punished, as was the case in 2006 with the arrest of one group that caused nearly $40 million dollars in damages over twenty arsons (Harden, 2006). This group has been, is currently, and will continue to be a threat to the United States of America and its citizens. The members of this group have willing injured people and have caused massive amounts of damage throughout the years. The Animal Liberation Front is a terrorist organization, and deserves to be treated like one.

The Animal Liberation Front’s (ALF) stated purpose is “to effectively allocate resources (time and money) to end the “property” status of nonhuman animals (Animal Liberation Front). The group grew out of a group known as the Band of Mercy

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