Animal Farm In Relation To The Russian Revolution

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"In general, the art of the government consists in taking as much money as possible from on class people to give it to the other." (Voltaire) In the allegory Animal Farm written by George Orwell, they experience many things away from them and making them starve. The Russian revolution was in the same vote they had many government take over the people and left them struggle which is about the same thing they did in Animal farm. In the allegory Animal farm Farmer Jones had been taking advantage of the animals. Such as Czar Nicholas took advantage of the Russian people which they were taking control of other classes to further theirs ass well in the Allegory Animal Farm Old Major helped his class which was being hurt by the upper class. As well as Karl Marx in The Russian revolution who went agents what the upperclass to help and have people listen to him. Animal Farm is an allegory to the Russian Revolution by them both taking over one class or another and using it for their own good. …show more content…
In both cases many citizens were starving. For example in Animal Farm the animals were worked really hard daily and were very under fed or not fed at all. This is similar to the Russian Revolution when many people are fighting in war and were going hungry due to lack of food. Another way the were similar has to do with them speaking up and being executed for it. In Animal Farm many animals spoke up to Napolean and he didn't agree so he killed them. Likewise, in the Russian Revolution the people didn't agree or obey what the leaders wanted and the leaders therefore killed them. Both also felt strongly about the people knowing about their ideology. For example Old Major in Animal Farm wanted animalism which was him wanting all the animals to be equal. Also in the Russian Revolution Karl Marx wanted communism, he wanted that perfect society where everyone is

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