Animal Farm By George Orwell Essays

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In novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, he mentions the animals in the farm they all have the vision of freedom after Old Major’s prediction. They rebelled against the farmers and after their victory they tasted the revolution. The farm was renamed “Animal Farm” and made the constitution of the manor – “The Seven Commandments.” Soon there is a split on the revolution between the pigs, Snowball was declared as an enemy of the revolution. Since then Napoleon and Squealer obtained the leadership of the farm, immediately they have more power and more preferential treatment, they gradually moved away from other animals, and eventually become exploiters for exactly the same as humans, the original ideals of animal farm name is also being abandoned. One theme of animal farm is that we need to have a clever mind to see through the unfair in our social, before it is too late.
One way this theme is introduced is through the characterization of intellectual animals. The animals have poor intelligence development can never understand which way are the right thing and which are not, their world view are small, and just like a frog living at the bottom of a well. In a year the animals live like a slave, but they enjoy it, not afraid of hardship, and not afraid of sacrifice. Because they are deeply aware of: that everything they do for their own interests and their own future, but not for those idle, lazy humans. But is that really true? In all animals Boxer became the most tragic role,…

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