Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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Animal Farm The novel Animal Farm published in 1945, right after the World War II ended. This fable reflects the political problems of that period of time through another perspective where the animals decide to change roles, and do not allow humans to control them. This period covers the last few years of the World War II (1943-1944) in which Russia had a communist government governed by a dictator, Joseph Stalin. In the novel, the pig Napoleon represents Stalin. Stalin created a corrupt society where he robbed the citizens for his own benefits, and the ones that supported him and could help him in some way. Great Britain and France, after seeing his increase in power, started to resent him. “The Soviet leader signed a nonaggression pact with Hitler on August 23, 1939, fearing that France and Britain would be only too happy to let the Soviet Union [sic] take the brunt of a Nazi attack” (Moss). The Soviet Union signed a pact with Germany, represented in the novel as the farmer Frederick, of nonaggression so France and Britain continue supporting Russia in case Hitler broke the pact and attacked the Soviet Union. After a while, Hitler broke the nonaggression pact. During the Nazi period, French intellectuals fought the invasion of his country by German troops in hiding, many of them joined the resistance. For example, Jean Paul Sartre founded a group called Socialisme et Liberté, Albert Camus joined the reading committee Gallimard, and he edited the Combat, the newspaper of…

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