Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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“Unlimited power corrupts the possessor.” -William Pitt. This quote could easily be applied to the book Animal Farm. The pigs on the farm become leaders because they are the most knowledgeable. This leads to the other animals becoming minorities on the farm because they are not as smart. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, he teaches how power can corrupt a person.
In the beginning of the book, George Orwell foreshadows the corruption that comes from the new power of the animals. George Orwell tries to emphasize that pigs are the smarter animals early on in the book. One way he did this was by Squealer claiming that the pigs needed the apples and milk because “[The pigs] sole object in taking [the apples] is to preserve our health (35).” This is important because the pigs are getting better care and nutrition. Even though one commandment of Animal Farm says that “All animals are equal (25).” This intelligence that the pigs have allow for them to manipulate the other animals with less intellect and make it seem like to the other animals it makes sense that the pigs deserve the milk and apples. So, because of all of this intelligence, it sets the pigs up as leaders of the farm. Because the other animals are so manipulative, it makes it possible for the pigs to get whatever they want. Thus, the other animals are getting worse nutrition and care. Later on in the book, Animal Farm is having a campaign for their second leader. The candidates are Snowball and Napoleon. Earlier in…

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