Animal Ethics : Human Rights, Law, And Wildlife Conservation Essay

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Animal Ethics
In humans, Ethics is the manner in which an individual behaves. Ethics is norms set aside to define the correct and incorrect way that people conduct themselves in the society. These norms might be acquired, or they emerge from religious believes, state regulations, ethnic group and popular culture. An individual executes good ethics when he or she does what is acceptable in the society (Kemmerer 274). Human beings coexist with numerous animals in the society, and this forced the society to create Animal ethics. This creation focuses on the relationship that men and animals have since individuals use animals in many ways. It is vital to note that human beings are responsible for taking care most or all animals in the environment. Animals should be treated fairly like babies and they need care. This research will evaluate elements in relation Animal ethics. The elements include animal welfare, rights, law, and wildlife conservation.
The ideology of human rights emerged from the concept that all the animals have their rights to continue with their live without any harm. In addition, animals should not be subjected to any form of suffering without a cause. Controversy has emerged across the globe since people are unsure of the fact that animals have a right. In some countries, animals are treated extremely well while other nations lack respect to animals an indication that they are always mishandles and abused. Individuals believe that animals lack feelings, and…

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