Anger: The Causes And Effects Of Anger In The Iliad

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Anger; defined in the dictionary as “a strong feeling of displeasure, and belligerence aroused by a wrong” (,) can make even the most reasonable person act out. Anger can make someone act in a way even they don’t seem to recognized.. This is seen throughout The Iliad and the tv show H2O: Just Add Water. Anger causes Achilles and Charlotte to act out and hurt the people around them, even if they don’t mean it. In the Iliad, Achilles is angry at the very beginning of the book because Agamemnon took Briseis from Achilles because he had to give away Chryseis. Achilles feels insulted by this and decides not to help the Greeks fight the battle against the Trojans. Soon after he goes to talk to Thetis, his mother, and asks her to punish the Greeks, even though Agamemnon was the one to blame for making Achilles mad.
Achilles is angry at Agamemnon but wants
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Anger got the best of them. Achilles felt livid and insulted when Briseis was taken from him. Honor means everything to the greeks and when Agamemnon told Achilles that he was going to take Briseis, Achilles felt humiliated because Briseis was his prize won from the previous battle they had fought in. Just like when he lost Briseis, Achilles was infuriated when he heard that his best friend, Patroclus was murdered by the Hektor. He went into battle and destroyed every trojan he saw. He had a deep hatred for the Trojans because they killed the one person he cared about the most. Like Achilles, Charlotte also took her anger out on all three of the girls. At first she only attacked Cleo and warned about what she could do because she had all three powers. Then later on, in the moon pool she attacked cleo but when her friends came to help her she decided to attack all of them. She even attacked the one person she said she cared deeply for which was Lewis. She was out for revenge and so infuriated that she didn’t care who she

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